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【Product Name】Promestriene 

【CAS NO.】39219-28-8 


【Molecular Formula】C22H32O2 

【Molecular Weight】328.4883 


【Fusing Range 】64℃-68℃ 

【Related Substance 】≤0.26% 

【Heavy Metals 】 ≤10ppm 


【Appearance】White crystalline powder 

【Expiry Date】36 months 

【Package】25kg/fiber drum, or as your requirement 

【Storage Condiction】Keep sealed and store in a cool dry place. 

【Application】Estrogenic and antiestrogenic pharmaceuticals. 


Product Details

【Product Description】
Our company started the project of researching and developing Promestriene in 2004, and successfully completed it in 2005, realized mass production and sales through the pilot scale experiment in 2006. After 12 years of development, now the company has a complete quality assurance system to ensure best production process and best product quality. According to the requirement of customers, the assay is more than 99.5% (HPLC), single impurity is less than 0.1%, total impurity is less than 0.5%.

【Product Application】
It is female reproductive system drugs, estrogen and anti-estrogen drugs can be made into compound preparations of CHLORQUINALDOL. Used for atrophic lesions of vulva, vestibular and the part of vaginal ring, which is caused by the lack of estrogen.

【Pharmacology toxicology】
Promestriene belongs to the steroid estrogen drugs. By local, with recovery nutrition on female genital mucosa, promote repair of cervical and vaginal mucosa injury. In addition, promestriene can also promote local vaginal Lactobacillus generation, is conducive to maintaining vaginal acidity environment, prevent the intrusion of bacteria.

Mainly used for menopause, menopause and promestriene operation after ovariectomy caused by lack of estrogen replacement therapy induced urogenital mucosa dry, itching, pain, dyspareunia, atrophic vulva vaginitis of vulva, vagina; also can promote the wound after the operation and physiotherapy for healing.This product is a topical vaginal absorption rarely, so agents do not produce estrogen like effect on the distal organs such as the uterus, mammary and pituitary.

NMR spectra for promestriene