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Blood coagulant powder

【Product Name】  Blood coagulant powder
【Certificate】 ISO、FDA
【Model Number】 DM096P
【Package type】 1L/Bottle
【Appearance】 Milky white or off-white powder
【Shelf life】 24 months
【Storage condition】 Keep it under seal in cool and dry place.

Product Details

【Product Usage】

Additive for blood collection tubes(Gel&Clot activator tube and Pro-coagulation tube), widely applied to clinical diagnosis of serum sample preparation .

【Product Feature】

* Good accelerating effect, the clotting time is 5-20 minutes when collect blood at 25℃, then on the device for centrifugation. 
* Contain special substance to avoid the fibrous protein sticking on the wall of tube
* Non-interference to clinical data
* Long validity period and good stability
* Nano-tech product, good storage stability
* BCA powder and it is easy preparation and convenient storage and transportation
* Used for the IMPROVE MEDICAL vacuum blood collection tubes which are approved by the FDA