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Pyridoxine Tris-Hexyldecanoate(VB6-IP)

【Product Name】 Pyridoxine Tris-Hexyldecanoate 

【Model No. 】 VB6-IP 

【CAS No. 】 564478-51-9 

【Molecular Weight】 938 

【Molecular Formula】 C57H119NO6 

【Assay】 ≥99% 

【Packing】 Packing in brown bottle,1kg/bottle,400g/bottle 

【Storage condition】 Keep airtight under normal temperature and avoid direct sunlight.

 AppearanceColorless to light yellow liquid 

Product Details

【Property 】

Cosmetics Raw Materials Product Feature:

***Safety: The patch test: 100% no stimulation (10%; 40 people) 

Allergic: No (10%; 44 people)

AMES test: No Cytotoxic (optional): No 

Visual stimuli (optional): No stimulation 

Light damage (optional): No 

*** Has a good stability to heat and oxygen, and excellent transdermal absorption and solubility.


Humectants. Promotes filaggrin synthesis, Oil-soluble liquid ester of vitamin B6; strong natural moisturizing; promotes production of filaggrin and NMF synthesis in skin; extremely stable against heat and oxidation; high skin penetration; Vitamin B6 derivative. Used in skin care products, similar with NIKKOL VB6-IP, to improve the skin moisturizing ability.