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Ascorbyl Tetraisopalmtate(VC-IP )

【Product Name】 Ascorbyl Tetraisopalmtate 

【Model No. 】 VC-IP 

【CAS No. 】 564478-51-9 

【Molecular Weight】 938 

【Molecular Formula】 C57H119NO6 

【Assay】 ≥99% 

AppearanceColorless to light yellow liquid

【Packing specification】 Packing in brown bottle, 1kg/bottle,400g/bottle

【Storage condition】 Keep airtight under normal temperature and avoid direct sunlight.

Product Details

【Product property】 

Main functions: Removing freckle whitening effect

  Excellent transdermal absorption

  Reduces UV-induced cell/DNA damage 

 Prevent lipid peroxidation and skin aging 

 Good solubility in common cosmetic oils 

 Similar as SOD activity 

 Stable for heat and oxidation

 Inhibits intracellular tyrosinase activity and melanin production

 Little discoloration 

 Cell regeneration